Shipping Agency & Terminal Operations

Singapore Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd ("SSAPL")

SSAPL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Shipping Corporation Limited, is a well-established leader in the logistics industry with over 50 years of experience in Shipping Agency and Terminal Operations. It is also a member of the Singapore Shipping Association.

We represent several major carriers and provide a one-stop, complete range of quality, value-added agency and terminal services that includes vessel's husbandry, stevedoring and cargo management.

Our team of highly experienced logistics professionals includes port captains and on-site managers with proven track records in optimizing resources and processes to meet customer needs for efficient and quick turnaround services, such as co-ordinating cargo readiness before vessel berthing, deploying teams and equipment to facilitate quick vessel dispatch and facilitating the collection of cargoes by consignees.

Our Terminal Operations' services are in key locations at the Pasir Panjang Automobile Terminal and Jurong Port to meet our customers' needs.

Our range of services include:

Shipping Agency

Dedicated Vessel Support Services

  1. Coordination with master and principal
  2. Arranging for berth application
  3. Arranging vessel inward and outward clearance for port and immigration
  4. 24 x 7, round the clock support for bunkering vessels
  5. Arranging for crew changes

Marketing Support Services

  1. Canvassing for cargo bookings
  2. Regular marketing follow-ups with shippers and consignees
  3. Attending to sales enquiries as agent
  4. Coordinating with other port agents
  5. Attending to claims
  6. Handling of transshipment cargo

Documentation Support Services

  1. Preparing manifest
  2. Issuing bill of lading
  3. Exchanging delivery orders with consignee
  4. Coordinate with shipper on any bill of lading revisions

Terminal Operations

Appropriated Berths for our customers, at Pasir Panjang Automobile Terminal and Jurong Port

Proven capability in handling all vessel types

  1. RO/RO vessels
  2. Chemical tankers
  3. Conventional vessels
  4. Bulkers (coal, cement, grain etc)

Stevedoring Services

  1. Provide highly experienced drivers for loading / discharging cars
  2. Provide highly experienced stevedores for loading / discharging general and project cargoes
  3. Supply shipping materials and lifting gears
  4. Supply barges to receive cargo at anchorage
  5. Supply clerical support
  6. Supply workmen for other general support as required, such as stuffing and un-stuffing of containers

Special Cargoes

  1. Expertise in Door-to-Door shipment of plant and machinery
  2. Expertise in handling heavy and over-sized cargoes on land and on sea
  3. Expertise in handling hazardous / classified / military cargoes

Specialized services include supervision of loading / discharging operations by highly experienced port captains, vessel pre-planning to safely maximize stowage, and coordinating with masters and agents for quick vessel turn-around and dispatch.